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Current cities and territories face several challenges derived from tourism flows such as massification, gentrification, lack of resources, loss of personality among others. Cultural and creative industries and culture are a key element in the strategies for urban and regional development, it is therefore necessary to deepen the solutions that these can provide to touristic territories. Check the program here

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Creative economy

Think up Culture! is a platform of projects within the field of Cultural and Creative Industries, one of the 10 emerging sectors according to the European Union

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Cultural and Creative Industries have an enormous potential for transforming our society, economy and territory

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The response to the tourism exhaustion of a consolidated destination goes beyond the classical framework of tourism action. It is necessary to combine tourism, technological and creative knowledge.

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What's on in Think up Culture!?

Think up Culture! Palma is two days of conferences, workshops and collective dynamics where we will deal with topics related to urban transformation

February 21st

_ Palma: presentation of New Llevant, new Creative District of Palma
_ Creativitu and enterpreurnership for urban regeneration. How to make it happen?
_ Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor: tools presentation and tests with attendants
_ Initiatives and strategies to develop CCI in European Cities
_ Business models for cultural and artistic entities
_ Professional meet up

February 22nd

_ Creative and cultural cities: best practices
_ Tourism: threats and opportunities for cultural and creative projects
_ Funding for transforming creative projects

Where Think up Culture! Palma be?

Can Balaguer
Carrer Unió. Palma 07003 Palma


Silvia Delgado

Ramon Llull 2030

Laia Gasch

London City Hall

Josep Marquès i Oleo

Think up Culture! Barcelona

Iñaki Miranda

Ramon Llull 2030

Jordi Llabrés

Ramon Llull 2030

Valentina Montalto

Joint Research Center (JRC) of the European Commission

Mark Lawler

Baltic Creative

Juanjo Ribas


Erika Rushton

Beautiful Ideas co.

Sabine Chwalisz

Fabrik Potsdam

Toni Riera

Impulsa Balears

Loli Ordóñez


Biel Horrach

City Council of Palma - Urbanism

Andrej Kos

Multimedia and Telecommunications Laboratory of the University of Ljubljana

Kai Hatouri

The Cable Factory

Cristina Farinha

Institute of Sociology, University of Oporto and the European Union consultant

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