Think up Culture! arrives to Izmir to inspire and strengthen the cultural and creative sector. It is a forum of debate and knowledge about the funding of cultural and creative projects and enterprises that aims to mentor and accelerate projects in this sector and become a platform of opportunities, dialogue and ideas for this industry. This edition of Think up Culture! Izmir is organized together with Originn Coworking.




Do you have a business idea or project in cultural and creative industries? Participate in the first edition of Think up Culture! HUB Izmir. WE ARE LOOKING FOR CREATIVE ENTREPRENEURS

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¿What will happen in 05 Think up Culture! Izmir?

Create opportunities, promote talent and materialize Cultural and Creative Industries projects

1. Foster international projects Turkey – Spain
2. Promote cultural and creative transformative projects
3. Be aware of new trends originated by new business models digitalization, globalization and audiences development
4. Build networks of companies, investors, sponsors and other CCI funding entities
5. Generate knowledge around cultural entrepreurnership and CCI as engines of transformation
6. Create awareness about Creative Economy and its vertebration through Hubs
7. Boost crossectorial collaboration with other areas of local economy, tourism and agrofood
8. Exchange of good practices