Cangül Kus

Cangül Kus


She graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Sociology and got her first postgraduate degree on Global Governance and Political Sciences from Katip Celebi University. Her project is “University-Industry-Government Collaboration In Turkey’s Regional Innovation Strategy: Example Of Izmir Ehis Lab And Triple Helix Model”. After that, she had second MA degree at Dokuz Eylul University, Department of Disaster Management and wrote her thesis on “An Analysis of Turkey’s Disaster Management System in the Context of Disaster Vulnerability and Social Resilience: The Case of Turkey and Global Climate Change”

She has been working at IZKA since 2008 and member of City Marketing&Foreign Relations Unit. As a team member of working on implementation of İzmir City Marketing Strategy and forward-thinking to share Izmir with the world and connect visitors on business, community and culture. Responsibilities include public relations, social media, advanced digital strategies, advertising, tourism, visitor services, research, branding, B2C, B2B and film marketing. Collaborate with partners (local, regional, state, national) to contribute to our city’s quality of life and increase the economic impact of business and leisure tourism. Before this unit, she was working for Programme Management unit who are responsible for grant scheme project designing, coordinating and managing of financial support programmes which have annual budgets 4 – 10 million Euros.

Cangul’s main research interests are in social resilience, regional transformation and disaster management-recently. Her organization which is IZKA is first regional development agency of Turkey. Prior to joining IZKA, Cangul worked for different companies in private sector as a Project Executive.

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