How can your entity can be benefited by organizing a Think up Culture!?

Be meaningful and communicate values

Generate knowledge


Create economy, jobs & entrepreneurship

Foster participation


Be part of transformation


Why organize a Think up Culture! in your environment?

If you are a public entity…

  • Bring together and dynamize CCI of your territory

  • Promote cultural entrepreneurship

  • Hatch networks with other sectors of the local economy and with professionals from other origins and fields

  • Promote creativity and culture as axes of territorial transformation

If you are a company….

  • Generate new projects in the field of CCI

  • Work in spaces of innovation and creativity within businesses and organizations

  • Connect, exchange, explore new relations and ideas…


Think up Culture! Topics

Each territory has its own needs. For each of venues we develop a theme that responds to the reality of the professionals and the Cultural and Creative Industries and invite experts to deepen and inspire us. Here we propose some examples:

Audiences development /
CCI funding /

Creation of cultural touristic products /
Tourism and Cultural and Creative Industries /

Cinema and territory /

Digitalization and new technologies for CCI /
Development of creative districts in cities and territories /

Creative economy and entrepreneurship /
Creative hubs as drivers of economic and social transformation /


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What can you find at Think up Culture!? Sections

Think up Culture! is a program to support CCI, we have created 5 sections to distinguish the activities that happen during the process. You can choose the sections according to the needs and areas to be developed by the CCI of your territory

Do you want to organize a Think up Culture!?

Are all Think up Culture! the same?

Each edition of Think up Culture! is done thinking in the needs and specifics of the CCI of the territory. The sections and themes are adapted to each one of them.

How much does it cost to organize a Think Up Culture!?

We customize budgets according to the formats, needs and characteristics of each Think up Culture!

How is the process to organize a Think Up Culture !?

We set up an online interview and identify your requirements for Think Up Culture, based on the requirements we make a budget and we define agreements on how to manage the organization.

Do you have any question?

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