Film tourism in Menorca closes 05 Think up Culture! Menorca

The second day of Think up Culture! Menorca will focus on the debate about the cinema and tourism binomial and the possibilities of Menorca as a cinema destination. It will be on November 15 at the Bit Menorca Centre.

We will discuss and deepen this topic with the company of:

  • At 10 am Eugeni Osàcar, expert in film tourism, research director of the Campus of Tourism, Hospitality and Gastronomy CEET – will open the day with a masterclass: “From cinema and tourism to film tourism”. Osàcar is one of the most distinguished specialists in the study of the film and tourism phenomenon. Beyond his teaching activity, he has led several projects on cultural tourism based on cinema.
  • At 11.45 am, We will continue with a debate on the “Public and private collaboration to turn the island of Menorca into a film set”, where Natacha Mora of @CanaryIslandsFilm, Koldo Lasa from Spain Film Commission, Germán Traver from the department of locations Palma Pictures and the local producer, Isabel Porti will intervene.

According to TCI Research, in 2017 there were 480 million international tourists travelling to visit locations of movies, series or advertisements.













In recent years there have been shot in Menorca: The beautiful island by Fernando Colomo and La vida lliure by Marc Recha. The second one will receive the prize VIII premi San Sebastián-Gipuzkoa Film Commission, which distinguishes the films that best retransmit the passages and cultural values of the places where they were filmed. These two films are a sample of the incipient cinematographic fascination that Menorca provokes and of the impacts that the economy of the shootings generates in a territory:

  • The local economy during filming: it is estimated that more than 30% of the overall budget of a production is executed in the chosen locations, directly, indirectly and induced..
  • The local economy after the shooting: it is concrete in the creation and sale of tourist products related to film and audiovisual
  • The image of touristic destination

The current challenge of the tourism industry in Menorca is to develop new products, which differ from traditional claims. But above all they have to be more sustainable and have to generate new economies such as audiovisual. Cultural tourism in general and film tourism, especially, constitute a great option to diversify supply, sectorally and geographically, and combat seasonality.

In the last edition of Think up Culture ! 2017, topics related to the economic impact generated by the shootings with speakers from the Film Commission of Mallorca and Terrassa were already addressed. The latter has achieved the position of Audiovisual Parc of Catalunya and has achieved the distinction of UNESCO Creative City in cinema mode.

Film tourism is the link that closes the virtuous circle of the economy. This begins in the location and, through the production and commercialization of audiovisual projects, it reaches the international diffusion of the locations that become, in the best claim, through tourism, of new productions.

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