The call for cultural projects of the Balearic Islands seeking sponsorship is open

Until the 30th of November the call for cultural projects of Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera is open for private sponsorship. A total of 15 projects will be selected to participate in this first edition of Think up Culture! Barcelona.

This call aims to support those projects that have been ongoing for a few years and there is a need to know the keys of sponsorship and private patronage. Think up Culture! moves to Barcelona on 13 and 14 December with a new format to promote companies and creative projects of the Balearic Islands to the Catalan capital and deepen the training of cultural managers and entrepreneurs in matters relating to patronage.

There are different variables that influence patronage and cultural patronage practices: the ownership of the promoter, the location of the project, the type of project, the sector, the projection or the financing model … Cultural managers have to know these variables and they need to have the skills to translate it into their projects.

We have developed a program that will have experts in the field, we will delve into the following axes:

– Development of good strategies for recruitment and maintenance of cultural patronage

– Knowledge of tax benefits for sponsorship and patronage

– Development of arguments and high-value products as counterparts for the sponsors

– To construct an attractive brand image

– To give maximum visibility to cultural projects with the appropriate communication and marketing strategies

– Liginate public development strategies, ensure the sustainability of projects, with sponsorship as they form the basis for social impact

– Development of the culture of philanthropy

To participate, you just need to fill in the form that you will find on this website and record a video. Among all the participants, 15 projects will be selected. Check the bases here.


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