The development of cities through their creative and cultural potential

The European Commission through its Science Hub has created a powerful tool to measure the creative and cultural capital of a city or territory, the Monitor of Creative and Cultural Cities.

This monitor is designed to help national, regional and municipal politics to identify local strengths and opportunities and compare their cities with similar urban centers using quantitative and qualitative data. We are talking about an instrument to promote the exchange of good practices between cities and the tool also has the possibility of creating new cities and introducing data and concrete information to measure. For researchers, the results obtained from the measurements can generate new concerns and ideas about the role of culture and creativity in the social and economic welfare of cities

Verónica Montalto of the European Commission will explain to the audience how the application works, in a dynamic and participatory session, accompanied by Toni Riera, director of the Fundació Impulsa, who will present the innovative tool of the competitiveness of the Balearic Islands.

Impulsa Balears is a platform of strategic knowledge and regional interaction that works to facilitate the decision making of economic and social agents and the configuration of a productive transformation agenda with a significant impact on the global competitiveness of the Balearics. All their efforts are focused on developing a series of resources and tools that facilitates economic agents in the region. Impulsa Balears represents a beacon of knowledge, innovation and dissemination for the Balearic industrial fabric.

This session of Think up Culture! Light will take place on Wednesday, February 21 at 11.15.

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