What is TUC!?

Think up Culture! is a platform of projects within the field of Cultural and Creative Industries, one of the 10 emerging sectors according to the European Union. They have an enormous potential to transform our society, economy and territory. Think up Culture! reaches its fifth edition with venues in Barcelona (Spain), Menorca (Spain), Ibiza (Spain), Izmir (Turkey) and Palma (Spain) to inspire and strengthen the cultural and creative sector. It is a forum of debate and knowledge about the funding of cultural and creative projects and enterprises that aims to mentor and accelerate projects in this sector and become a platform of opportunities, dialogue and ideas for this industry

5 editions

Think up Culture! comes this year to its fifth edition thanks to the support received all these years by Ministerio de Educación, Cultura y Deporte. Discover what happened in the last editions

5 locations

This new edition of Think up Culture! will have 6 locations in Palma, Menorca, Ibiza, Barcelona (Spain) and Izmir (Turkey). For the first time, Think up Culture! moves to Barcelona and Turkey. For each of the venues, we have created a program adapted to the needs and realities of the professionals and the Cultural and Creative Industries of each of the sites.

5 sections

During Think up Culture! many activities happen. To define the nature of each one of them, 5 sections have been created: HUB (mentorship program), TALKS (conferences), DEALS (business), LIGHT (knowledge) y CROWD (cultural and networking activities).

Mentor professionals to create opportunities, promote talent and materialize projects

1. Identify new business models
2. Promote European projects within the CCI
3. Be attentive to new trends originated by digitization, globalization and the development of audiences.
4. Build networks of investors, sponsors and financing entities specialized in ICC
5. Generate knowledge within cultural entrepreneurship and mentoring.
6. Create awareness about the potential of CCIs
7. Promote cross-sectoral collaboration with other areas of the territorial economy, tourism
8. Exchange good practices among the participants

About us

Think up Culture! is possible thanks to the collaboration of various institutions and entities but who is behind all this:

Balears.t, Cluster de Innovación Tecnológica en Turismo de les Illes Balears is an innovative business group, registered in the Special Registry of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism that aims to catalyze tourism transformation through innovation and technology

PowerHouse Hub is a team focused on the management of innovation in culture, creation and territory. We devise, plan, manage, produce and communicate projects that generate a positive and sustainable social and cultural capital